Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Bath, Thank you so much for the great treatment you provided. You don’t know how grateful I am of you and your assistants in relieving my pain and making a root canal a somewhat pleasant experience. Being from out of town I really appreciate you working me into your busy schedule. I really and grateful and very appreciative of your talents and skill. – Roger K., Lake Zurich IL

Dear Dr. Bath, you and your staff took such great care of me. I have to say that the thought of a root canal runs shivers up my spine. Yet, from the moment I walked in until I walked out I felt calm and cared for in a way I have not experienced in any other specialist’s office. Now I may just have to change my opinion of root canals. Your beautiful office and your caring staff compliment your caring and professional manner. – Sharon G., Hickory NC

Dr. Bath was professional and thorough in her treatment! Her assistant, Tiffany, was extremely courteous and made me feel at home. Love the staff, Thanks! – Audrea R., Canton GA

Thank you for the care and attention. You and your staff were very attentive and caring. – Sandy H., Woodstock GA

I had very good care. Dr. Bath called to check on me and called in some medicine for my swelling. The overall impression of the office was super. The staff was very courteous. I was very satisfied with doctor’s explanation of the procedure. Thank you. – Elizabeth S., Marietta GA

Had no post-operative discomfort. No pain medicine needed. Was in pain for 6 days prior to treatment. Had very minor pain during the treatment procedure. Local anesthesia was very minor which is what I expected. My overall impression of the office is superlative care. Staff was very courteous. Very satisfied with Dr. Bath's explanation of the procedure. It was a unique experience. Such courtesies were unexpected but totally appreciated. You made me feel special. Thank you. – Susan B., Cartersville GA

Dr. Bath, First of all, I want to express my extreme gratitude to you and your staff for making time to work me in. You know it is, one day you wake up and there is a tingle in your tooth. Two days later you are crazy with pain. I am so thankful you were able to work me in and help get some relief! The visit was so different! From the moment I walked in your office I never had the feeling I was in a medical facility. The waiting area was comfortable and inviting. Cindy kept up chatter while I waited. When I got back to the examination room there were clouds on the ceiling, ergonomic consideration from my legs and neck, dark glasses to dim the lights, music in my ears. This is too cool! Most of all you made a deep root canal enjoyable was the friendly approach you have, Dr. Bath. You talked with me more and joked around. You have no idea how comforting it is to lay in a chair and hear you and violet laugh and enjoy each other company. Even though I had a mouth full of rubber, needles, and God knows what else, you two made me feel like chatting and laughing along with you. Is it possible to enjoy a trip to an endodontist? Sounds odd to me-but your practice sure gets my vote if any such category opens for Best In Atlanta. I want you to know how much better I feel. It feels great to sleep again! You guys rock! Dr. Bath, Violet, Cindy, Stephanie, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! – Ron H., Rydal GA

Dr. Bath, I wanted to thank you very much for you generosity in fixing my tooth. I really enjoyed meeting you and your wonderful staff. Take care. – Staley R., Marietta GA

The entire experience was very professional. Thanks! – Ray K., Roswell GA

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am very grateful. You are a wonderful person! Very Kind, and genuine. Thank you. – Janette A., Marietta GA

Dr. Bath Thank you very much for all your hard work for my treatment. It was a pleasure to be your patient. – Sury R., Atlanta GA

You guys are awesome. Thanks for all your hard work taking care of me! – Ida A., Marietta GA

Dr. Bath, I wish you all the best with the baby and your new life together! It was a pleasure to meet you! – Tina L., Kennesaw GA

Dr. Bath, My wife recently had a root canal performed by you. I am compelled to drop you a note - You are amazing!!! I have heard horror stories on this procedure and frankly I was worried prior to the procedure that Sandra would have to go through this. The experience started with Cindy. She made the orientation simple and quick. She was professional and efficient. Your medical assistants were all very kind, efficient, and made all steps a pleasure. The entire experience was more like being at a spa and not a root canal operation. The towels in the bathroom, the comfortable atmosphere, the pleasant and professional performance of your staff and primarily the absence of pain during and after the procedure. And even the Costa Rican coffee - it was delicious. I have never seen a dental operation that can compare! You are a tribute to the profession. Thank you for your expertise, kindness, and efficiency! – Tony P., Douglasville GA

Thanks to you and your staff for the pleasant dental experience... your generosity and beauty of spirit are a blessing. – Cassandra L., Atlanta GA

Dr. Bath & Staff, I came to your office on an emergency basis yesterday for the first time and I am writing to "thank you" all for the most pleasurable dental experience I have ever had... I would like to tell anyone who needs to see and Endodontist that by far Dr. Bath and her staff are "The Best" and I have been to many all over the country. The office is like entering a fine salon. The free standing waterfall, fine glass artistry, and warm mood lighting are what welcomes you the moment you walk in…no "dentist office odors or sounds". The reception staff are warm and friendly and immediately put you at ease. There is very little "wait" time but it is pleasantly filled with upbeat music, an inviting service bar and very comfortable furnishings. I was escorted to the Doctor by Violet who made it easy going and laughable at times. I received a warm hand waxing, a roll pillow under my legs, earphones to listen to my favorite music and not one blaring fluorescent light in my eyes, instead laying back in the chair I got to see a scene of lit blue skies with puffy white clouds! It was wonderful! NOW HOW OFTEN CAN ON SAY THAT ABOUT GOING TO THE DENTIST OFFICE!!! Dr. Bath is a gentle soft spoken woman and well versed and educated in her practice. She is thorough and complete and her staff represent the true definition of "team work" – as they work together to complete your procedure with the most up to date technology and equipment and keep you comfortable and relaxed at the same time. I commend you Dr. Bath for this wonderful concept. Dentistry has always been one of biggest fears but I will never be afraid of a root canal as long as I am in your care. Thank you for personally calling me later that day to check on how I was doing and for your staff calling me the next morning to do the same. You made me feel like a "person" not just a "patient" and I appreciate it very very much, my warmest regards to you all. – Denise O., Woodstock GA

Dear Dr. Bath, Cindy, Violet, & Staff - I just wanted to let you all know how very much we appreciate the positive experience provided for my son. This was not easy for an 8 year old, and your kindness, caring, and professionalism are appreciated more than you could know! We could not have hoped for a better team to care for us. You are the BEST!!! Thanks again – Joellen & Charles, Powder Springs GA

Dear Kennestone Endodontics, Thank you very much to everyone for being so nice. I was in so much pain and everyone did so much to make me feel better. With so many friendly faces and always a warm welcome it made the situation as enjoyable as possible and everyone else at Kennestone Endodontics is who I will refer anyone to! – Ashley P., Acworth GA

Thank you for forgoing the consultation fee. That was sweet! – Lay H., Marietta GA

Dear Dr. Bath and staff, We are so grateful for your help and knowledge. We had a very big need and your courteous, prompt, gracious help and attention is so very much appreciated! Thank you so very much! We will never forget - never! – Paul & Ruth Ann P., Nacogdoches TX

Thanks, as much as I was relieved when it was all over with three root canals, I just want you to know I do appreciate the expertise and sincere care demonstrated by you and your associates. Again I say "Thank You". *Was also impressed by your beautiful office and state-of-the-art equipment. – Rich G., Woodstock GA

Violet, Just wanted to let you know how much your encouragement helped me through my root canal procedure. Your "upbeat" personality, reassurance and constant attention, made me feel like I was the only one in the office. You have such a relaxing effect. Dr. Bath is fortunate to have you for her assistant. I loved your honesty. I can’t "sing your praises" enough. Take Care. – Becky T., Marietta GA

Dr. Bath, Due to the fact that my parents are elderly I am visiting doctors offices often. An observation that I have made, the first person that greets you sets the "tone" for the office environment. When I entered the office you were immediately calming. NOT only the 1st time, but the day of the procedure. Although I wasn't, it felt as though I was the only patient there. I was very impressed with the way you could answer the phone, offer me H20, help me with questions, check on the patient for person waiting, etc. you are truly gifted in what you do. One personal "thank you" – not everyone works with computers, thank you for not making me feel like a "dummy" because I have never used a laptop. You helped make it a non-threatening new experience. Also – thanks for answering my "stupid" questions over and over. Lastly, you said everything would be ok - and it was. – Becky T., Marietta GA

Dr. Bath, I never knew that a trip to the "dentist" could be so painless. If you had been my "dentist" as a child, my fear and dread of dental procedure would not exist. I found your website very informative. The website was also truthful. The moment that one walks through the door, there's a feeling of "everything is going to be alright". Your standards should be used as the standard for all medical practices. You were correct I haven't been in pain. Lastly, Dr. Bath you have some excellent employees. Violet was wonderful. The front desk girl was the most pleasant person at a front desk. I would have to agree with Robert DeNiro when he says to Billy Crystal in the movie "Analyze This", "Doc you're good!" Rest assured, if I get the chance to recommend you, I certainly will do that. Happy Patient – Becky T., Marietta GA

Dear Dr. Bath & Staff, I want to thank all of you, not just for what you did, which was wonderful, but for the warmth and caring you put into it. Thank you for making me feel special. Again, thanks for everything, my tooth feels so much better, and my hands feel so much softer. – Angelia L., Smyrna GA

The entire experience was professional. Thank you! – Ray M., Kennesaw GA

Thank you for the awesome service and quality work!! – Carrie C., Kennesaw GA

Hello Cindy, I just wanted to thank everyone there for your incredible service. Dr. Bath's work appears to be flawless, and assistant was amazing. The reception was above par and I just wanted to thank you all for your kind service. – Hilary B., Woodstock GA

Dr Bath, I want to thank you for taking time and treating me. I consider it like a Christmas gift! Bless U, have a wonderful Christmas – Kerry S., Acworth GA

Dr Bath & Staff: Again thank you for everything, I feel so much better, it was so good to see you again, you did a great job again! – Angelia L., Smyrna GA

Dr Bath & Staff: All of you are just wonderful and professional! Thank you for the excellent care provided to me regarding my recent issues with my teeth! Your office is beautiful and the experience you offer your patients is first rate! It was a pleasure, Dr Bath you are the best! – Susan L., Mabelton GA

Dr Bath: There is no way for me to express my appreciation for your kindness in accepting and treating my student, his care was excellent! And by the way your receptionist/secretary, Cindy, is a wonderful asset to your cause!! Thank you again – Stephen J., Powder Springs GA

Dear Dr Bath: Thank you so much for your excellent care of my tooth! I was quite afraid about it. It was such a relief to see the x-rays and how good it is doing now! I appreciate your help in saving this tooth. – Diane P., Marietta GA

I wanted to thank you for fixing my tooth on such short notice, You (Dr Bath) and your staff were excellent! I slept for 12 hours last night, I felt great! I did not even need an aspirin! – Cindy W., Marietta GA

Well, I want to tell you today’s experience was as close to a pampering spa experience as you could make it under the circumstances(pain) Your office is beautiful, your staff so friendly and caring, and professional! And Dr Bath a true artist! Thanks for excellent care! – Elizabeth N., Mableton GA

Dear Dr Bath & Cindy: I cannot begin to "thank you" for everything you did for me. I am sorry for putting such a scare into everyone, but certainly need to thank each and every one of you for your professionalism, kindness and concern for my well being! According to the ER doctors your fast response saved my life. I am and forever will be grateful. It's strange; to be honest you wake up think ok I am going to have a root canal today, never in a million years thinking something so life threatening would ever occur. Ladies, I don't know the right words to say! I know you are trained for this sort of thing and I am sure they don't happen often, but I am glad you remembered what to do, how to do it and in my book, you all are the best! I wish there was more I could say, but my heartfelt thanks.

Office staff, assistants, Dr. Bath - all very professional and kept me informed. I appreciate the care you gave me. Thanks. – Joe B., Kennesaw GA

Dear Dr. Bath, I am well pleased with the procedures you did on my teeth. All the staff was very professional and friendly. I will highly recommend you to others who need similar services. I appreciate Dr. Croxton referring me to you. I have not any trouble with the procedures you performed. I will see you in six months. – Robert B., Cartersville GA

Dr. Bath: Thank you and your staff for being so kind. I am doing great now that the procedure is over and hopefully done with. I am so glad you could see me on short notice before my vacation started because if not, it would not have been pleasant. Thank you once again. – Carol Ann W., White GA

Good Morning, My experience with Dr. Bath and her staff at Kennestone Endodontics has been awesome. I came to your office in a great deal of unbearable pain. Dr. Bath and her staff were professional yet sensitive to my pain and extremely efficient. I can’t be more pleased with my experience and the outcome of the procedures that were completed! Thank you. – Tameka H., Marietta GA

Thanks for such professional work. You and your staff are the best, even when I walk in with a half done root canal with calcified canals in an emergency. I would highly recommend you and your staff. – Bill P., Marietta GA

No problems. Enjoyed the visit I guess as much as one can. Pleasant, accommodating and easy to work with. – Mike C., Canton GA

Kennestone Endo, while I am not thrilled about having my third root canal, I can say that the experience at Kennestone Endodontics has been very positive. The staff is friendly, professional, and highly skilled. The facilities are modern and clean incorporating the latest in technology. As a patient, you gain confidence beginning with their paperless in-processing to their high-tech digital imagery. From the time you make an appointment to the follow-up phone call after a procedure, you’re treated with respect and appreciation. Dr. Bath, and her team, creates a highly professional atmosphere and Dr. Bath’s skill as an endodontist is second to none. Her competence lessons patient apprehension and makes the experience almost enjoyable (as far as a root canal can go). I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks. – Hal S., Woodstock GA

Dr. Bath, This is the first time in my life that I can say with all honesty that my dental experience was painless! Thank you! On my first visit, I was excessively nervous, but you and your staff handled my frayed nerves with gentle patience, and in turn, my next appointment went 1,000 times better. I was very impressed with your thoroughness. It reassured me that my procedure would be "right" when it was complete. Overall, my experience was as pleasant as a root canal could possibly be, I am grateful! If I ever need another root canal – you can rest assure that I will be in your office! May God Bless you and your staff! – Yvonne S., Douglasville GA

I am the one who should be thanking you. Your professionalism and that of your staff made my "ordeal" a great deal more tolerable then I had expected. When I returned to my general Dentist for the final filling, he commented on the professionalism that your work demonstrated. Please thank all of your people on a job well done. See you all in 6 months. Have a wonderful Holiday Season – Sheldon R., Canton GA

HI doctor Bath, Thank you for your inquiry on my post operative dental work. I am doing fine now, only a little soreness. I am pleased to provide feedback to you in reference to my treatment at your facility. I was impressed on my very first visit to your facility. It is such a calming decor and arrangement of the building and furniture. My initial greeting was handled by Teresa who was so very personable and professional. She made an extra effort to greet me, explain everything to me about the procedure, arrange for my Dental Insurance estimates, and just was such a knowledgeable and kind person. It meant a lot to me coming to a new place with all new people. I also appreciate how Cindy handled my payments and processing when I checked out and making new appointments and explaining about how the process works. I was also impressed with the young lady who was the Technical to handle my special x-ray that I required. She was very understanding and knows her job very well. I know I drove her crazy having to run to the bathroom every five minutes it seemed during my procedure set-up phase I commend her for contending with a nervous dental patient like me. Of course I am grateful for your very Professional and personable skills in performing the double root canals and making it as painless as I could every have hoped for. Your technical expertise, and professional behavior is some of the best I have experienced and believed me I have had four root canals, two implants and too many trips to the Dentist in the last five years!! Thank you for all of you and your staff for the pleasant experience in completing my dental needs. I will always remember the pleasant atmosphere and friendly people there. I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season.!! – Ulysses G., Smyrna GA

I was referred to Dr. Bath by my dentist's office – plus I really dreaded having to go through a root canal. Dr. Bath and her entire staff were very courteous and helpful to me. Dr. Bath made sure I understood what would be done. Overall, the whole procedure was not as unpleasant as I thought it would be. I have told several of my co-workers about my experience and would certainly recommend anyone needs endodontic work contact her office! Thank you. – Linda M., Cartersville GA

Dear Dr. Bath, Thank you for your excellent care regarding my root canal service. The friendliness and expertise of you and your staff were a great comfort to me. You helped me relax and feel at ease. I will easily recommend your services. – Patricia M., Woodstock GA

Dr. Bath is AWESOME... SO SWEET AND GENTLE. She explains everything to you and did not hurt me in anyway. Plus, she is adorable and the girl who works with her is also! Thanks for not hurting me... as I hate pain. She’s the best! – Cindy F., Smyrna GA

No one wants a root canal but if ever necessary again, I'll choose Kennestone Endodontics. Thank you for squeezing in this grumpy/emergency patient at the last minute, especially during the Christmas holiday frenzy. The gracious ladies up front were helpful and courteous tending to me as well as other patients. The skilled Dr. Bath and her assistants were professional and efficient during the process. (Kristina is wonderful!) And many thanks for managing my excruciating pain before, during and after my procedures. – Gaile J., Kennesaw GA

I want to personally thank Dr. Bath and Kristina for my root canal. I would recommend anyone to this office. – Bradley K., Kennesaw GA

Dr. Bath is phenomenal. My double root canals were painless, YES painless. She is highly respected within the community & within her profession. Two different dentists referred me over the past few years. Dr. Bath staff is pleasant & knowledgeable. Cindy has always greeted me with smile & calls/ e-mail with a friendly reminder of any upcoming appointment. Thank you Dr. Bath for making my experience comfortable, looking forward to my last root canal. – Jasmine M., Marietta GA

Dr. Bath and her staff are great. They worked extra hard to make my root canal as comfortable as possible. I wish this was my general dentist because no one comes close to the service I was given. – James R., Cartersville GA

My experience with your office was very satisfactory. If and when I need more endodontic work done, I will have it done at your facility. I highly recommend your services. Thank you all for your help. – Paul E., Acworth GA

Like most people I am terrified of going to the Dentist but I must say as difficult as this was for me everyone made it a pleasant experience. I believe I have to have another one done and I will be back and would recommend Kennestone Endodontics to everyone. – Becky T., Marietta GA

Dr. Bath and her staff, from Cindy who cheerfully greets you at the front desk and the technicians, are all professional, friendly, and helpful. During my visits for my first root canal, I was completely comfortable. First and foremost at Kennestone Endodontics is patient comfort and ease of mind and nerves. Dr. Bath and my technician explained the procedure, what they were about to do, and what to expect during and after. Dr. Bath and her staff have a wonderful working relationship which helps ease one's mind and nerves. It is easy to see they all enjoy their jobs and coming to work. Very friendly atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed my root canal experience. I highly recommend Kennestone Endodontics. – Norma Jo B., Canton GA

I appreciate you taking such good care of me last week. Feeling great and back to working in one day. – Brad, Marietta GA

Just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me the other day. I felt like you went above and beyond to show me you really cared about my problem and did all you could to help me. I think people should know when they are appreciated, so I made you cookies. – Barbara, Marietta GA

Thank you so much for your kind, caring and excellent treatment. I felt so comfortable in your beautiful office. Thanks for squeezing me in your schedule. – Ida, Marietta GA

Thank you for the great care, good results and professional manner. Your staff was cheerful and most helpful. – Don, Atlanta GA

Everyone was super especially the concern and care you took with my back. God bless you for the care you give your patients. – MaryLou, Marietta GA

Although having a root canal is not on my top 10 list of fun things to do you and your staff made my situation as pleasant as it possibly could be. – James, Marietta GA

Thank you very much for your warm and most professional office. From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed. Thank you for your kindness and well mannered staff. – Joanne, Powder Springs GA

Thank you so much for treating my tooth today. I greatly appreciate your wonderful care. – Diane, Marietta GA

Thank you so much for taking care of everything. EXCELLENT TREATMENT. – Don, Atlanta GA

I have not experienced a more professional dental procedure, and I have a few years on me(68). Two procedures within a week to correct an abscess within a root canal. First time in Two years that the tooth feels "normal". I would describe Dr. Bath and her staff, as professional, “state of the art”, and effective. My thanks to Dr Bath and all who assisted. – Bill K., Atlanta

You and your entire staff at Kennestone Endodontics are a delight. The two recent procedures I had completed in your office were professionally done, customer centered, and in an environment second to none. I have shared my excellent experience with friends and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing the services you provide. While I personally hope not to need your services again, if I did I would look forward to seeing and working with you. Again, thank you! – Terry S., Acworth

Thank you for the care provided by you and your staff while conducting my root canal procedure. This was my second such experience at your office. Your facility is awesome and your equipment is absolutely state of the art, and your staff is professional and caring. Thanks! – Jim G., Acworth

Dr Ritu Bath and her staff were awesome! From the friendly atmosphere & friendly receptionist to the actual procedure the experience was excellent. The thought of a root canal is nerve racking as it is but my experience was great. I had no discomfort post procedure and because of Dr Bath's skills, had no need for pain medication. All in all, a first rate experience. Thanks for everything! – Rick E., Acworth

Dear Dr. Bath, While it is a bit illogical to say an endodontic procedure was a pleasure, I can honestly say that you and your staff made the experience as pleasant as possible. The little things you and your staff do to make the appointments as "painless" as possible, e.g., a friendly greeting upon arrival, an offer of a beverage, and your personal call to check on my recovery, are very rare and much appreciated. Sincerely, – Dewey M., Marietta

You are more than welcome to put this testimonial on your site, because you are all incredible people. Please also feel free to correct any typos or misspellings of names, and forgive me for misspellings of anyone's name. :) When I was first referred to Kennestone Endodontics, I was terrified. I have a severe dental phobia and was afraid that no one would understand. How WRONG I was! I was first greeted by sweet, kind receptionist, Joenita. She and her colleague took excellent care of me to ensure I was comfortable. The reception area is like the waiting room of a spa, with classical music, running water for white noise, and an area for refreshments. Well, as it turned out, I had to return a few times for extra work, but it was fine, because not only do Kristina and Lena know how to help put people at ease, Dr. Ritu Bath has a friendly, calming presence. No matter how afraid I was, the combined oral sedation and TLC that I received made it bearable. No one loves going to the dentist, or endodontist, and some of us are just downright terrified, for a variety of reasons. But whether it's a sense of having no control over the situation, memories of a bad experience from childhood, or the many other reasons behind dental phobia, this is a safe space and the professionals at Kennestone Endodontics are trustworthy, ethical, and most of all, caring. – Anne H., Kennesaw

You guys are AWESOME!!!! While having to have a root canal is never a pleasant experience, you and your staff have always made it as endurable as possible. Always pleasant, friendly, considerate and with my strange sense of humor, funny. See you in 6 months!!! – Liz L., Marietta

Good Afternoon Dr. Bath: Without reservation I am pleased to provide documentation on my experience with a root canal at Kennestone Endodontics. I have now had two root canals that you have performed for me. One procedure was done in 2007 and the one just completed today (March 17, 2014).
Before the first root canal and between the time of the first procedure and my second root canal, I have heard from friends and associates of the pain and extreme discomfort associated with the procedure. Nothing could be further from the truth for me. I did not have to take anything for discomfort.
The staff was most professional and courteous. I acknowledge and appreciate the time taken by you to explain the procedure and to answer my questions. You made my root canal experience uneventful and the time spent at your office was a pleasure.
Thank you very much. – Roy J., Marietta

Hello, I am very pleased with Dr. Bath's work - even more so when I went to my dentist for the follow up work and he was clearly impressed with the quality and told me what good work Dr. Bath had done and how much easier she made his job. He praised her work over and over again. I was already pleased with the professionalism and courteousness of all the staff and even more so by the cleanliness of the premises at Kennestone Endodontics. If I ever need this type of work again - I won't be going anywhere but back to Dr. Bath. Thank you to all of you. Sincerely, – Mary S., Woodstock

I must say a big Thank You to each of you, especially Dr. Bath, and her wonderful assistant, Kristina. You are so kind, and thoughtful, and helpful, I could not help but be satisfied, even though I am a big "scardy cat"! You are a wonderful team of professionals, and I say "keep up the good work"! – Brenda S., Woodstock

To Whom It May Concern; The root canal I had performed by Dr. Bath at Kennestone Endodontics was done very well and very professionally. Having a root canal can be an unpleasant experience, both in the anticipation and the experience of having the root canal. However, Kristina, Dr. Bath's assistant, was very pleasant and very good at calming my nerves and making the experience as comfortable as could be expected. Kristina was very pleasant and easy to talk to - she answered all of my questions and shared her root canal experience with me as well. Dr. Bath was also very professional and explained what she was doing throughout the procedure as well. Her primary concern seemed to be that she did the job right so that I don't have any further issues with the tooth and to make sure I wasn't in any pain throughout the procedure, which I wasn't.
My tooth is feeling fine today, one day after the procedure, and I don't have any pain. The only discomfort I feel is a little soreness in my jaw from where Dr. Bath gave me the Novocain (numbing) shot and from having to hold my mouth open for over an hour during the root canal procedure. I hope I never have to see Dr. Bath again after my 6 month follow up, but if I do have to have another root canal, I will be glad to have Dr. Bath perform the procedure. Thank You. See you guys in 6 months. – Sean N., Dallas

Thank you for locating and treating my pain, from the first time until my last visit I felt welcome and relax. Having work done on your mouth is not a good thing but your staff and you made it painless. On a scale of 1-10 I will give you a 15. Thank you again. – Cynthia C., Marietta

Hello Dr. Bath – I just wanted to respond to your email and just let you know how very pleased I was with my treatment and your staff. You are obviously very experienced and skilled at what you do. The procedure was quick and without any unpleasant side effects. Everyone that I came in contact with at your office was extremely polite and efficient. I also told my dentist, Dr. Amason, that I was well taken care of and very pleased with his referral choice. Thank you so much for doing what you do. Sincerely, – Mark S., Suwanee

From the moment I walked in the door at 472 N. Sessions St, I was transported into tranquility. A lovely, soothing waterfall greeted me as I crossed the threshold. Warms welcomes from the staff set me at ease. I closed my eyes in the elegantly appointed waiting area while comforting music enveloped my soul. My name was called and I was relaxed and ready for my massage... WAIT! MASSAGE?!?!?!?!! I mean ROOT CANAL!!! Can you imagine being so relaxed for such a procedure? I kid you not! And it did not stop in the waiting area. I actually fell asleep during my first procedure. Dr. Bath is an endodontist extraordinaire. It doesn't hurt that she is a perfectionist as well. She works with state of the art equipment and her staff is beyond well trained. I will go to this "endodontic spa" for any future treatment. – Leslie O., Marietta

Dr. Bath: Thank you so much for your professionalism and care during my endodontic procedure. I rate this root canal experience as the best I have ever encountered! Your staff is as well professional and considerate. I highly recommend your services. With appreciation, – Colleen O., Canton

Thank you for the warm reception, wonderful services, and saving my wisdom tooth. To me, any tooth saved is a victory! Dr. Bath and her very caring staff worked so hard in the effort. Joy to the World! May you and yours have a blessed and Merry Christmas!! – Sherri H., Marietta

I really enjoyed using Kennestone Endodontics (as much as you can enjoy a root canal, anyway). I had never had one done before, but the friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere made it so easy! I had no issues after the treatment and will definitely come back if I ever need another procedure. Thank you, Dr. Bath!! – Kylie D., Marietta

I had a great experience at the office, the doctor and staff are very friendly. Dr. Bath made the process smooth and pain free. I will definitely be back if I ever need another procedure. Thanks, – Daniela P., Alpharetta

Thank you all for making an unpleasant situation extremely pleasant. The staff was amazing. Teesi always greeted me with a smile and that goes a very long way. Kristina put me at ease when I was scared to death about having my root canal. She held my hand and made sure I was ok, she really cares about her patients. I am a nurse by trade, but I admit that I'm not a very good patient. Dr. Bath was very thorough in explaining everything to me and is a very skilled medical professional. I admit that I don't love the dentist, but I will recommend Dr. Bath and her staff to everyone I know. Thank you all for getting me on the road to recovery!!! Sincerely, – Beth W., Cartersville

Dr. Bath, I want to thank you and your staff for being so kind and responsive to my needs. No one likes to have a root canal but I must say and I have had four, that the pain free experience is what you should receive which I did. The follow phone calls and emails goes beyond what I had expected and received from other doctors that have done my other four root canals. My brother-in-law had visited you several years ago and he was from Tx was impressed as well and was treated on an emergency bases, He had nothing but praise for you and your team. Both of us will definitely without a doubt refer others that are in need of a root canal to your facility. Thanks for the experience! – Charlie H., Acworth

Dr. Bath and Staff, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful care you gave Myles during his Endodontic procedure. You and your staff made sure we were very comfortable and thoroughly informed during each visit and I felt very relaxed and confident knowing that he was in good hands. The office staffs professionalism and caring nature will never be forgotten. I am truly grateful to have had you as his Endodontist. Please commend your staff as well on behalf of a very satisfied patient and parent. Thank you! – Maxine B., Marietta

My experience has been good. I pray all goes well. Dr. Bath and staff extremely kind and understanding and willing to hold a grown woman’s hand. Thanks so much! – Denise A., Cartersville

I have had several endodontic procedures and I must say this was the best experience. From the moment I walked in the door I felt calm. The staff was very relaxed and that helped me to do the same. Dr. Bath has very gentle hands considering what she has to do. I would tell anyone this is the place to go, if they need this kind of treatment. – Linda F., Marietta

Thank you for again helping me with my dental problems. Over the years I have come to you for excellent treatment in a comfortable atmosphere and always in a timely manner. I have commented many times to many people how painlessly the process of a root canal procedure can be while others complain about their experience with other endodontists. I always recommend your practice. – Phil M., White

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